Handmade to Order in Great Britain


Wardrobes are made to order. Wardrobes can be made with or without drawers and with one clothes rail for longer dresses and coats or two (one on top of another) for jackets, trousers, etc. Shelving can be introduced when less hanging space is needed.

One important thing to remember while designing a wardrobe, is whether it will actually go up the stairs and into the room. It is probably one of the biggest pieces of furniture that we make in one piece, which makes it more awkward than anything else to move. Please think about access before ordering your wardrobe as we can design them to be ‘knock down’.

One neat trick, is to have a pair of full length doors opening, one left handed, one right handed, with mirrors on the inside. When they are open, you can stand between and look at yourself all round. Please beware when doing this that the weight of the glass does not tip the wardrobe over. It is advisable to fix it to the wall for added security.

Another very useful piece of bedroom furniture is the tallboy. This is a chest of drawers with a short wardrobe on top, usually split into two for easy moving. This is usually made for men as they do not require long hanging space to the same extent as ladies. It is also known as a Gentleman's wardrobe.

Narrow Ladies Wardrobe, with Two Drawers

Narrow Ladies Two Door Wardrobe

Narrow wardrobes can still have a good amount of hanging space. At a certain width Stephen would recommend a single door, and drawer, otherwise the proportions look odd.


Wide Ladies Wardrobe, with Two Drawers

Wide Ladies Two Door Wardrobe

Where the wider wardrobes are chosen, you can opt for full hanging space or a narrow hanging area with shelving one side.

Three Door Wide Ladies Wardrobe

Wide Ladies Three Door Wardrobe

The three door wardrobes normally have a hanging rail within two doors and shelving behind the third door. This wardrobe would normally be made to break down due to its weight as well as its overall size. The drawers are normally a completely separate section on the wardrobe. The width of the wardrobe doors normally mirror that of the drawers.

Narrow Gentleman's Wardrobe or Tallboy

Narrow Gentleman's Wardrobe or Tallboy

The top section of the wardrobe, or tallboy, gives good hanging space for shirts and jackets. The three drawers in the base of the tallboy are perfect for jumpers, socks, etc. The number and combination of drawers would be dependent on the overall width possible but, where space is limited, a single width is recommended to ensure a good amount of storage.

Wide Gentleman's Wardrobe, with Two over Two Drawers

Wide Gentleman's Wardrobe or Tallboy

This wide tallboy provides more hanging space but, if this is not needed, it could be replaced with shelving on one side. Full extending drawer runners would be used for the very wide drawers to ensure ease of use.

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