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Do you have a showroom?
Our showroom is right next to our workshop, so you can see furniture being made as well as the finished article! Instructions to our Showroom
We have a picture of a piece of furniture we like. Can you make it for us?
We are happy to develop bespoke furniture, using an image you have found as inspiration. Stephen will often have suggestions or recommendations on how to adapt the design to suit your exact needs. We use solid wood, so would ask you to bear in mind we do not have the equipment for decorative veneer work.
Can you carve decoration onto our furniture?
Yes, we can carve most types of decoration, but for the more intricate I may use dedicated carvers, so please allow a little longer.
Can you match furniture to the colour of our existing furniture?
Yes, all we ask is that you email/post us an example (picture of the furniture) we then send you colour samples in the post for approval. If the wood is different we will not be able to produce an exact match, but will do the very best we can.
We like the look of oak, but didn't want to spend that much, any ideas?
English ash is a good alternative. It can be hand planed and polished with the same stains as oak. There is a grain variation, so we like to send samples out if you are not visiting our showroom.
How big can you make a dining table?
The largest refectory dining table that we have made, was 15' long (4.6m) x 4' (1.2m) wide, and went into a Spanish castle. For extra support, we put another pair of legs in the middle. Dining tables are usually custom made.
Can we get a big dining table into the dining room?
Usually, but it's worth thinking about before we start. Sometimes the doorways are narrow so the top has to come off a refectory dining table. If there are serious problems, then a trestle dining table, will breakdown into smaller parts. Bespoke Dining tables are made to suit your dining room, so we do our best.
I like a dresser on your site, but can you make one with cupboards at the top?
Yes, we make bespoke furniture. Your dresser will be made to order, so you can have what you want. We have a selection of photos of Welsh Dressers, but if you have something else in mind, we would be only to willing to help. Sketches or pictures can be posted or emailed to us.
Can you put spice drawers the dresser?
Yes, easily done, but they do cost more because they are all handmade and dovetailed properly.
We like the style of the rush seated dining chair, but want upholstered seats. Can you do that?
Yes. We can put a drop in upholstered seat, with the cover of your choice on a piece of MDF, that fits snugly where a rush seat would fit. There would be an extra charge for the upholstery, and cover.
I need to store my wine collection in the dining room in a wine cabinet, can you do it?
Yes. We have a neat solution to this problem. We put the wine bottles into specially made drawers. The drawers work like a wine rack holding the bottles in place and keeping them flat so the corks stay wet. These drawers are hidden away, so that no one would know that it is a wine cabinet.
I hate modern TVs in the living room, can you hide mine please?
Yes. Just tell us the dimensions of the TV, and DVD players, sky boxes etc, and we will make a bespoke TV unit to suit your needs. Now TVs are all flat screen, we offer a TV lift system, so the TV will pop out of the cabinet. Sometimes, however, customers find the TV too high, so we can put the TV cabinet behind doors.
I have loads of DVD's and CDs, and would like to store them in the living room where they can't be seen. I would like the furniture to fit in with the other stuff that you've made. Can you do it?
Yes, easily. We have made some quite large DVD storage units, fit in with customers' other furniture, and no one would know what it was. These can be made in modern, contemporary or traditional styles.
I want a chess board in a coffee table, with a drawer for my Chessmen, can you make one?
Yes. One customer liked the look of a potboard coffee table, so we altered the design a little, to incorporate the carving detail they wanted, made it higher so that it was easier to use and added a drawer, making the chess table.
I want a chess table with drawers for chess pieces, games, magazines, and DVD's I would also want it to be moved easily, is it possible?
Yes, no problem. We made it the size of a coffee table, but built a cabinet with two drawers, and put it on easy ride casters. The chess pieces, playing cards, remote controls and magazines went it the narrower top drawer, and DVD storage in the bottom drawer. The chess chest was born.
I want a chess table with drawers for chess pieces, games, magazines, and DVD's I would also want it to be moved easily, is it possible?
Yes, we have made something similar, called the chess chest, before. It can be the size of a coffee table, but built into a cabinet with two drawers and easy ride castors. The chess pieces, playing cards, remote controls and magazines can go in the narrower top drawer, with DVD storage in the bottom drawer.
Can you make a desk for my study that can hide my computer when it is not in use?
Our home office furniture is made to order so it can fulfil all your requirements. If the monitor can be left out then a selection of computer desks we have made previously might be suitable;the computer tower was hidden behind a bank of drawers and the keyboard and mouse was stored in a dedicated drawer. We could also introduce a top cabinet, with pivot door runners allowing the doors to slide back out of the way, if the monitor needed to be hidden from view as well.
I would like a home office fitted out with a desk and storage for books, files, and kids stuff. The room has a slopping ceiling. I don't want to spend a huge amount, as I will be moving in the long term! Can you do it?
We have made a bespoke fitted study to suit a clients needs, with a bookcases cupboards, and drawers, in his upstairs room. To keep the cost down, we made it in pine.
I would like to put a computer workstation under the stairs, can we?
We recently made a simple bespoke computer desk with a couple of drawers to fit under the stairs. As soon as we have an image of the desk we will add it to the site.
Do you have a showroom?
Yes, we have a showroom, with examples of our range of four poster beds on display. There are also colour samples and a wealth of photos to look through. Please call to book an appointment on +44 (0)1544 340 444.
Can you get a four poster in our bedroom?
We have not failed yet. Most of the four poster beds are 78" or 84" high as standard- we have had to make a bed 72" high to go under a beam some years ago, and are happy to alter designs where possible. Components will go through normal doorways, and if the mattress will go up the stairs and into the room, the rest of the bed is sure to.
Can you polish our furniture in a different colour?
You can choose from a natural, medium or dark stain, as standard; we can offer variations on these to suit your needs. Colour samples can be sent out so you can choose your preferred finish.
Can you make the dressing tables, wardrobes and chest of drawers match to the four poster bed we like?
As we make all the furniture to order, we can easily make any bedroom furniture to match in with the four poster bed. Any detailing, such as carving, can be introduced onto door panels, or drawer fronts. Of course, some customers do prefer to keep the bedroom furniture simpler, without any carving, so that the bed is the main focal point. As the items are polished to match the bed, it will still come together perfectly as a suite of furniture.
We do ask for some rough measurements to work from when calculating any prices.
Can we have different panels on our four poster bed, with different posts?
Yes, we will mix and match the beds to create the style you want.
Can you make the beds larger or smaller?
Yes, we will happily make any size, and have the mattresses made to suit.
Can you make single four poster bed?
Yes, any size and any style. To gain an idea of price, they are normally around two thirds of the cost of a king size four poster. (This sounds expensive in comparison, but although the material costs are nearly half, the joints are identical to those on a full size bed.)
My husband is very tall, can you make the bed longer than normal?
Yes, we can make the bed longer and have mattresses made to match.
Do you deliver?
We will gladly deliver and assemble the furniture within the UK, for a charge to cover our costs.
Do you deliver abroad?
Yes, we have shipped furniture, mostly four poster beds, to Canada, USA, France, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong and Ireland.
How much does shipping overseas cost?
Please contact us to get a shipping quote, as it is not just what we export and the country we export to, but your location that's important.
Do the beds come apart for ease of shipping?
These four poster beds 'breakdown' into components for 'flat packing'. This helps keep costs down and makes sure no components or fixings are damaged as they can all be easily wrapped.
Are the beds easy to assemble?
They are easier than you would think. We will gladly put the beds together for you when we deliver in the UK. Assembly Instructions that are easy to understand are sent with our beds shipped overseas.
How long will it take?
Our standard lead time is 10-12 weeks, on receipt of a third deposit. This can fluctuate during the year, depending on our production schedule. We arrange delivery, or collection for shipping, as soon as the furniture is nearing completion. Shipping time varies, depending on location, etc. but we do provide a rough transit time with any quotes given.
How much do we have to pay for the order to begin?
We ask for a third deposit of the total to confirm the order. Once this has been paid your furniture will be figured into the production schedule. The outstanding balance is to be paid on delivery or, in the case of shipping abroad, the total must be cleared before collection of the furniture.
What method can we use to pay you?
We accept payment in Pounds Sterling (GBP). There are various ways of paying. We accept bank transfer, cheque and debit cards. Credit cards incur a 5% fee on amount.
Paying the Four Poster Bed Company
If you are outside of the UK, we recommend that you talk to your bank to ascertain the most cost effective and safest method of making any payments.
Do you enjoy what you do?
Very much. I enjoy designing and making the furniture; the job satisfaction is great, especially when you can turn a customers idea into 'just what we wanted'. A lady once thanked me for her four poster bed, 'You have made me very happy, I've longed for a four poster bed for about 65 years, having slept in one when I was six.' That is a great feeling.
Do you sleep in one of your own beds?
Of course, except when I'm away from home!
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