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Television Cabinets & Media Storage Units

We make a wide range of television cabinets and media storage units. TV cabinets have changed over the years, due to the development of the flat screen television. We still make a TV cabinet that has opening doors but, as the cabinets no longer has any need for depth due to the flat screen, the doors cannot always be slid out of the way. Recently, the demand has switched to pop up TV cabinets where, with the press of a button, the television rises out of the cabinet.

Sky boxes, DVD players, and surround sound systems can be built into the cabinets and, if necessary, DVD storage as well. All TV cabinets are custom made to your specific requirements so, if you are interested, please let us know the accurate dimensions of all accessories to be stored.

TV Cabinet with DVD Storage & Glazed Cupboard

TV Cabinet with DVD Storage & Glazed Accessories Cupboard

This was a simple and effective home entertainment unit. The cabinet was custom made to suit our client's needs. We put the sky box, DVD player and sound system behind glass, to save dusting, and included pull out vertical drawers for DVD storage. The largest of the home cinema speakers is placed on a shelf below the TV, for the best results in home cinema sound. This would work equally well with a Blu-Ray system, in a variety of different sizes.

Flat Screen Television Pop Up Cabinet, Remote Control Lift

Flat Screen Television Pop Up Cabinet, Remote Control Lift

This TV cabinet was made to go at the bottom of a four poster bed. The remote control lift system raises the TV into position, at the touch of a button. Due to the height of the lifting system and cabinet, when fully lifted, the TV is in the perfect position for watching in bed. The lid opens and closes at the same time. If there are any problems finding the remote, there is a button that works the lift on the side of the cabinet. We can incorporate DVD players and Blu ray players in these styles of cabinets as well, if necessary. Sometimes there is some spare space in the TV cabinet allowing for other storage, such as shoes, DVD's, etc.

DVD and CD Storage Cabinet

DVD and CD Storage Cabinet Unit

This was made for a customer who had a growing collection of DVD’s and CD’s. We took a traditional style of cabinet that would fit in with the other living room furniture, and added drawers for DVD storage in the cupboard part.

Television Cabinet with DVD/Video Storage Drawer

Television Cabinet with DVD/Video Storage Drawer

This is a very traditional cabinet, made to house a TV and DVD player. There is also storage for DVDs in the drawer. The television is hidden on a shelf behind the doors, leaving enough space for a DVD player or Sky Box below. If the cabinet is deep enough then pivot door runners can be used which allow the doors to slide back into the cabinet sides, hidden from view.

We have found that the depth of the cabinet is now determined by the accessories rather than television, as they are flat screens, but we are happy to make the cabinet to any size required. This remains an excellent option if you do not want the television to be the focal point in the room.

Hi Fi Cabinet, on Pivot Door Hinges, with CD Drawer Storage

Hi Fi Cabinet, on Sliding Door Runners, with CD Drawer Storage

This Hi-Fi unit provides an excellent space to keep your audio equipment hidden from view when not in use.

Your music system, including Ipod dock and speakers, are hidden behind the doors of the cabinet, and the shelving can be positioned to suit your needs. As with the cabinet above, the doors can slide back against the sides of the cabinet so they do not get in the way.

The drawers below are perfect for CD storage, with the CDs stored on their edge for easy reading.

Corner Television Stand with Hinged 'Drawer' Flap

Corner Television Stand with Hinged 'Drawer' Flap

This is a simple oak corner TV unit, where the television would stand on the top of the stand. The 'drawer' can hide the DVD player, Blu-ray player or Sky box. The flap simply drops down to reveal the accessories shelf, so that remote controls can work and the DVD player can be loaded.

Television Stand with Accessories Shelf and DVD Storage

Television Stand with DVD Storage Drawer

This is a popular television cabinet, where the television stands on the top of the unit. The open shelf below can be used for the DVD or Blu-ray player or Sky box. The drawer below can be used for DVD storage.

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