Using Furniture to Store Collections of CDs, DVDs and wine!

Recently I had to look at my own DVD and CD collection, which has been expanding over several years. They had started to look untidy in a bookcase, and it was time to store them away.  I need to find a solution that suited the decor of the house, which is very traditional, and stored all the DVDs and CDs away from view.  The design could easily be adapted to suit a more modern home too.

I settled on a sideboard design, with a series of internal drawers hidden behind the main doors.

CD and DVD Storage Cabinet

The top drawers in the cabinet were sized to allow me to store a width of three CDs, edge side up.  The style of drawer runners means I can pull the drawer out fully, so nothing becomes forgotten about at the back of the drawer.  The CDs are hidden from view but accessed easily when I want to look through the collection.

Top Drawer Storing CDs

Although I am using this sideboard for media storage at the moment, I wanted the flexibility to alter this in the future.  Rather than producing a large chest of drawers I decided to use doors in the bottom section.  Behind each pair of doors is a stacked level of wide drawers, again on runners, which can fit my collection of DVDs.  However, should I decide to get rid of these in the future, the drawers can easily be removed and shelving added to allow storage of larger items, such as crockery.

Internal drawers for DVD storage

Internal drawer section open

You can use the same principal to store bottles of wine in the dining room.  Lay the bottles horizontally in drawers, separating them with divisions so that they do not  move. This keeps the corks wet, and the labels showing.

Wine Bottle Storage Cabinet
Internal drawer of wine cabinet open

If you need a piece of furniture to store a collection of items, whether it be CDs or bottles of wine, why not consider having something made to suit your exact needs and the decor of your home?  Just get in touch with our team, and we would be happy to help!

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